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Peace of Mind with Woodbridge Animal Hospital’s Pet Boarding Services

At Woodbridge Animal Hospital, we offer top-notch pet boarding services. It can be difficult to find a place you trust with the safety of your pets when you need to go away without them, which is why we offer this service. Woodbridge Animal Hospital’s kennel staff not only ensures the health and safety of your pet while you are away, but they also play with and lavish affection upon them so they feel happy, comfortable and right at home until you return. You can also enjoy peace of mind while you are away because skilled veterinary staff are onsite around the clock in case your pet has any medical concerns.

When Your Pet Can’t Come with You: Pet Boarding in Woodbridge Animal Hospital’s Kennel

Everyone who works at our Woodbridge pet boarding facility loves to make our pet guests feel special, comfortable and welcome throughout their stay. We ensure each of our guests has ample supervised playtime outdoors each day, as well as plenty of cuddling and attention. Pet owners can also make the following preparations to ensure that their pet’s vacation goes smoothly:

  • All pets staying with us need to be up-to-date on their vaccinations.
  • They will also need a negative fecal exam within the past year. Dogs will need an influenza vaccine plus booster within the past year.
  • Pets also need to be flea-, tick- and parasite-free to ensure the cleanest, safest, healthiest stay for all of our guests. Pets that have been on a regular dose of flea, tick and heartworm preventatives should be fine.
  • Owners can bring their pets’ favorite food, snacks, and a special toy to ease the transition into their stay. Our veterinary staff can also administer any necessary medications your pet may need.

So if you need to go out of town and cannot take your pet, please call us at 703-897-5665 for pet boarding. Woodbridge Animal Hospital’s experienced and compassionate veterinary staff is ready to welcome you and your pet!

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"We have been going to Woodbridge Animal Hospital since 1994.  We would not consider moving to another hospital or changing to another vet. Dr. MacDonald and his entire staff have consistently been most professional, caring, compassionate, and, friendly at all times... " (read more)

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