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Woodbridge Animal Hospital is one of the area's only emergency veterinary hospitals that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is always experienced support staff on call, ready to help with state-of-the-art facilities and years of experience saving pets' lives.

Your emergency veterinarian in Woodbridge, VA can help your pet with the following:

  • Complete, state-of-the-art pet surgery equipment
  • Fully-screened pet blood bank
  • Advanced in-house laboratory, pet radiology and ultrasound
  • In-house pharmacy to help with pain management
  • Access to numerous veterinary medical specialists

Preventing and Preparing for a Vet Emergency

Of course, the best thing you can do is try to avoid a vet emergency in the first place. Keeping small and poisonous objects out of reach, keeping pets on a leash or in a fenced, safe, shaded area are all essential to prevent trips to emergency veterinary hospitals. But even the most conscientious pet owner cannot predict when an accident might occur, or when a pet's curiosity or impulsiveness will cause an accident. Staying calm and knowing what to do in an emergency can help you buy time that might help save your pet's life. These are a few of the most common emergencies we treat here at Woodbridge Animal Hospital, and some of the first aid actions you can take:

Poisoning - Avoid this common vet emergency by keeping cleaning supplies, medications, anti-freeze, poisonous plants and table scraps out of reach. Remember that many human foods are toxic to pets: chocolate, grapes, onions, raisins, coffee, alcohol, avocados, bread dough, products containing Xylitol, and macadamia nuts for example. Symptoms of poisoning may include anything from diarrhea, vomiting and seizures to lethargy, abnormal heart rhythms and difficulty breathing. Save the container, wrappers or leaves, follow any poisoning instructions listed on labels and come to our Woodbridge emergency vet hospital immediately.

Choking on or Swallowing Foreign Objects - This is another frequent cause of trips to emergency vet hospitals. If you pet is having trouble breathing, carefully check if there is an object lodged in its throat and try to get it out if the pet cannot clear it on its own. If your pet swallows an object, it might eventually pass, but if it does not, it may cause an intestinal blockage. A painful, bloated abdomen, vomiting, constipation and loss of appetite are symptoms that indicate an immediate trip to our emergency vet. Woodbridge, VA pets can die from a blocked intestine, so do not delay if you notice these symptoms.

Heatstroke - Keep pets cool, hydrated and in the shade on hot days. If a pet starts drooling and panting excessively, vomiting or having seizures, come into our emergency vet in Woodbridge, VA right away. While transporting your pet, spritz it with cool (not freezing) water and fan it gently.

Hit by a Car - This frightening vet emergency requires immediate attention. Carefully load your pet into the car, lying on its side with its hind quarters a little higher and its neck extended so it can breathe. Apply firm pressure with clean towels or sterile gauze to stop any bleeding, and bring your pet to our emergency vet right away.

Call Your Emergency Vet in Woodbridge, VA: 703-897-5665

You know your pet best of all, so if anything doesn't seem right, call us at the number above. Pet emergency visits cost $110 at check-in. Our staff will quickly triage your pet's condition and review the required paperwork with you. Our emergency vet on call will give you a written description of the treatment needed, including the estimated cost before proceeding. You will need to sign a release form authorizing treatment and to pay a deposit based on the estimate provided.

All of us here at Woodbridge Animal Hospital are dedicated to saving pets lives. If you ever need our help, call us at 703-897-5665.

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